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Putting the spotlight on plant forward eating

Plant forward eating emphasizes and celebrates, but is not limited to, plant-based foods. Our Plant Powered menu initiative was launched to promote plant forward eating through its eye-catching branding, marketing & communication materials as well as engagement events.

Why plant forward? Plant-based foods are good for our bodies and our planet, but we know that eating an entirely plant-based diet can seem overwhelming. Plant forward is not necessarily vegetarian or vegan and can include small amounts of animal protein (< 60g).

We have created over 400 recipes for our signature stations including new breakfast, entrée and salad bowls, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, salads, and desserts that feature healthy plants as main ingredients and sometimes include a small amount of animal protein for extra flavour. Look for the Plant Powered logo at participating locations for an easy way to find plant forward recipes. To learn more about the benefits of eating plant forward, visit our Discover page.

Plant Powered