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Improving the healthfulness of our menus

Our chefs and dietitians create food that’s fresh, delicious, satisfying—and good for you. We are committed to increasing the proportion of plant forward menu items, vegetables and fruit and whole grains on our menus, while reducing less healthy fats and sodium- but still making sure we lead with flavour first.

Our Approach:

Our chefs are working hard in our Culinary Innovation Centre to create delicious new plant forward recipes while limiting less healthy fats, and salt added in the cooking process during recipe development.

We’re partnering with suppliers who take health & wellness as seriously as we do. We actively advocate for improved nutrient profiles for all ingredients we use in our recipes and menus because we understand that we need superior ingredients to deliver only the best food to you.

We are proud to say that we have already made great strides in offering healthier menus in our dining facilities – and we continue to work to make our food even better focusing our efforts on great taste with fewer calories, less healthy fats and the often silent sodium.