Our Commitment

At ARAMARK, we believe we have an immense opportunity to address global ethical, social, and environmental issues through our procurement practices and core business operations. We are committed to promoting your health, as well as the health of the environment, our communities, and our planet at large, and integrate these considerations in what we purchase; how we operate; how we manage waste; and the transportation we rely on everyday.

Sourcing and serving more responsible and sustainable foods is an integral part of this commitment. Responsible practices can help support local farms and businesses, environmentally responsible farming, fair labour conditions for workers, humane care for livestock, and protect the vitality of farmland, wildlife and ocean habitats.

Find out more about our commitment to purchasing more local, ecological and humane foods, sustainable seafood and Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance certified products.

Beyond food, we also feel we have a social and ethical responsibility to use consumable products such as paper and packaging as well as durable products, such as equipment and building materials, that minimize impacts on the environment. This same commitment flows into how we operate everyday, as we focus on conserving valuable resources, reducing and diverting waste to recycling and composting streams, and creating and operating buildings that are healthier for the environment and those that use them. Find out more about how we are greening our operations!