Local Purchasing

Local food isn’t just better for your health; it’s also better for the environment, and the economic and social health of your community. We realize that we have the opportunity to make a difference by sourcing and purchasing local foods grown and processed within the region surrounding our operations. Through our “i go local” initiative, we work to source as locally as possible; within 250 miles; or the home province / region. Where not feasible, we place an emphasis on sourcing products within Canada.

Currently, as much as 33 to 55% of our food purchases are local, depending on the time of year and definition, and we’re working to improve this number with the development of local purchasing guides and new tracking tools that allow us to measure our efforts and report our successes to both our customers and clients.

Who’s Your Farmer?

We love food and we want to take your eating experience to the next level. That’s why we’re adopting a new approach to help us learn more about the food we serve and strengthen our relationships with local and sustainable food producers. How? By taking it to the field!

Our “field research” initiative brings local chefs, community partners and customers directly to local farms. Since 2010, we have visited over 40 farms from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia and everywhere in between! We’re now creating feature menu items using the local products we found at these farms, helping to bring more of these great foods into our operations and tell the story of the hardworking men and women who produce them. Look for these and other regional favourites through our signature menu series and Local Food Day events.

“I just wanted to thank you guys and your group for taking the time to come out and see some of our local farmers. Believe me, not every organization shows that much interest in where their food comes from… so, good on you guys!”
– Craig Mackenzie, Northern Light Produce Network, Ltd.