Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance

Have you ever thought about where your favourite foods come from? The coffee, tea, cocoa, and sugar that most of us enjoy on a daily basis are grown as far away as Central or South America, Africa, India and the Caribbean. Few of us take the time to consider how these products are produced and whether or not the people who grow and make these products are being compensated fairly.

Buying socially responsible products such as those that are Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance Certified is one way we can put people first and encourage a fair deal for everyone in the food chain. A fair deal means that farmers and growers receive a fair price for their goods and services, as well as job security and decent working conditions. Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance also promote higher social and environmental standards such as sustainable farming methods and reinvestment back into the community.

Through our in house Coffee concept – Coffeecompany - we serve 100% Fair Trade and Fair Trade Organic certified coffee, as well as Rain Forest Alliance certified teas. We also source Fair Trade certified chocolate, cocoa and sugar through key partners including Cocoa Camino and Just Us! co-operatives.

In 2014, we sold over 1.5 million cups of Fair Trade certified coffee across Canada. We also purchased over 3 million Rainforest Alliance certified tea bags! Through expanding our Coffeecompany concept and integrating a new selection of Fair Trade teas and chocolate across our operations we are working to increase these purchases by 5% in 2015!