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Recycling, reusing and composting are just the beginning of our waste management efforts

Across our operations, we’ve implemented practices that decrease the impact – and the cost – of waste. Starting with what we purchase, and continuing through to how we dispose of waste, we work hard every day to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our approach to managing food waste begins with our “behind the scenes” food management programs which help to ensure we are ordering accurate amounts of food, preparing and serving it in a way that limits waste, and using the latest technology to weigh and record what is disposed of so that we can track our progress and update our targets.

We partner with our clients to create robust recycling and composting programs to keep waste out of landfills. We also offer them solutions that help reduce waste at the source – like reusable to-go food and beverage containers, and “trayless” dining programs which are proven to cut down on the amount waste created. Where disposable containers are necessary, we offer recyclable or compostable alternatives to single-use options in accordance with their local waste program facilities.