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Good for people and the planet

Sourcing products responsibly - in a way that minimizes impacts to people, animals and the environment - has a direct effect on our local and global economies, our health and wellness, and the environment. We work closely with our suppliers and our clients to promote transparency and to hold ourselves accountable for meeting a variety of sustainability objectives.

We purchase locally and seasonally sourced fruits and vegetables where possible in all regions we do business as a means of supporting local agriculture and local economies.

We are working to improve animal welfare practices by participating as a proud associate member of the National Farm Animal Care Council and by partnering with Canadian producers who strive to set higher standards. We are committed to sourcing only:

  • Cage-free shell egg products by 2022
  • Cage-free liquid egg products by 2025
  • Global Animal Partnership certified (or equivalent) broiler chickens by 2024


Through our partnerships with internationally-recognized and respected third parties including the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), we are reaching more people than ever with our message to improve the health of our oceans by sourcing seafood from verified sustainable fisheries.

Fair Trade

We have partnered with organizations such as Fairtrade Canada and Rainforest Alliance to further our work around social justice issues such as fair trade and workers’ rights, while at the same time increasing the number of products we buy that meet their high standards and promote positive economic practices.

Single Use Plastics

And, our commitments go beyond food. We have committed to significantly reduce single-use disposable plastics across our global food service operations by 2022. Our single-use plastic reduction strategy includes phasing out use of plastic straws and stirrers working towards an initial goal of 60% reduction in plastic straw use by 2020. We’re also strategizing around reductions in other categories of single-use plastics, such as bags and plastic cutlery, while expanding offerings of reusable bottles, mugs, take out containers and bags.