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Implementing ways to conserve our resources

Our goal is to partner with our clients to find the best ways of working together to reduce our collective environmental impact. Our solutions cover a wide array of practices, from efficient building design to water and energy-saving programs to low-impact cleaning.

Our water-saving programs include the design and implementation of conservation plans and installation of water-saving hardware and fittings like low-flow bathroom and kitchen fixtures. And in our uniform business, the laundering process we use is even more efficient than home laundering – using approximately 11 litres of water per kg of laundry compared to over 24 litres at home.

As for energy conservation, we work hard to promote efficiency in our own buildings, while lending our skills and expertise to our clients to help them manage energy use in their facilities.

Not only that, but with our environmentally friendly program Blue Cleaning™, we use electrically activated or ionized tap water to safely clean or sanitize surfaces as well as hard floors and carpets without the use of harmful chemicals.