Winter Energizing Essentials

Shorter days and cold weather can make even the most energetic of us feel tired and uninspired.  Avoid feeling fatigued by trying some of these energizing ideas:

Exercise for Energy – Boost your energy and keep it revved for hours through the simplest exercise of all - a 10 to 20 minute brisk walk.

Happiness is Hydration – Ward off dry winter skin by remembering to hydrate all day long. Add some excitement to your water with natural fruit infusions or go for a natural electrolyte replacer like coconut water.

Tea Up! – Warm up with peppermint to lift your mood, or make a virus-fighting tea from fresh ginger root, lemon slices, and honey to stave off the first signs of a cold (tip: steep ingredients overnight for maximum cold-fighting effectiveness).

Laugh. A Lot. – Thank you science for backing up what seems intuitive. Current research shows laughter can actually increase immunity and energize your mood .1,2,3

Rock an Inspiring Playlist – Beat boredom and get motivated to move with your favourite tunes. Hitting the gym? Solid beats can help you pace yourself for longer workouts too.


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